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Alan Tilvern
Born 5th November 1918
Died 17th December 2003 (aged 85)
First appearance Battle School (television), Battle School (radio)
Last appearance My British Buddy (television), We Know Our Onions (radio)
Series 3 and 6 (television), 1 and 3 (radio)
Episode count 2 (television), 2 (radio)

Alan Tilvern (5th November 1918 – 17th December 2003) played various characters in the Dad's Army franchise.


Early life and career[]

Alan Tilvern was born in London. After leaving school he became a barrow boy in the East End's Brick Lane. He served in the Army during WWII, but was invalided out in 1945. In his first field of work, he worked down his local market, before starting his entertainment career as an amateur in variety. At the local boys' club, he wrote, performed and directed for various productions.

Early acting career[]

Turning professional in his twenties, Alan started acting for three months at the Manchester Rep and then a whole year at Oldham. After various theatre tours, he moved into the world of television and was employed very often, due to how well he could do foreign accents, particularly Americans and Russians.

Dad's Army[]

Captain Rodrigues

Alan Tilvern as Captain Rodrigues in Dad's Army

Alan played the Spanish Captain Rodrigues in both the television and radio versions of Battle School. He also voiced the American Colonel Schultz in the television version of My Brittish Buddy and the Scottish Captain Ramsay in the radio version of We Know Our Onions.

Other acting work and later career[]

He has also appeared as Amercian characters in various Hollywood films, such as Little Show of Horrors and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Final years and death[]

Alan Tilvern died in London, December 17th, 2003, aged 85.