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Captain Rodrigues
Captain Rodrigues
Occupation Guerilla Warfare trainer
Affiliations British Army, Spanish Army
Series information
First seen Battle School
Last Seen Battle School
Portrayed by Alan Tilvern
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Captain Rodrigues was a Spanish soldier who served in the British Army during the Second World War. An expert in Guerrilla Warfare, he had previously fought in the Spanish Civil War, and later trained Home Guard platoons in Guerrilla Warfare at a battle school.


Rodrigues was born in Spain, and fought in the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s. After moving to the United Kingdom (presumably with the outbreak of war in Europe), Rodrigues enrolled in the British Army, and gave specialist training courses to Home Guard units on Guerrilla Warfare.

At some point during his time heading these courses, Rodrigues organised the ambush of the Walmington-on-Sea platoon en route to the battle school. He gave the Walmington platoon, as with all platoons he trained, an opportunity to capture his headquarters at the battle school (which was formerly a prisoner of war camp). Rodrigues' HQ was protected by two fences—one barbed-wire, the other electrified—and patrolled by hungry alsatians. Rodrigues sabotaged many of the platoon's attempts to complete the course, but after a stroke of luck befell Captain Mainwaring the platoon were successful in taking the headquarters, using a secret tunnel. Before charging into the room, the platoon heard Rodrigues calling them "amateur soldiers", and whist on the return journey to Walmignton-on-Sea, Wilson made the remark that "you should have seen the look on his [Rodrigues'] face when we burst into the room!"


Rodrigues was constantly abusive and unpleasant towards the platoons which he trained, calling the Walmington-on-Sea platoon a "bunch of old men" and "amateur soldiers". He also had a particular affinity for eating onions, and he often gave these to the hungry platoons he was training (along with carrots), claiming that he "always thinks of [his] men".