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Carl Jaffé
Born 21th March 1902
Died 12th April 1974
First appearance The Enemy Within the Gates (television) The Enemy Within the Gates (radio)
Last appearance
Series 1 (television), 1 (radio)
Episode count 1 (television), 1 (radio)

Carl Jaffé (1926-1974) played Captain Winogrodzki in the Dad's Army franchise.


Early life and career

Carl Jaffé was born in Hamburg, Germany. In 1936, he came as a refugee to live in England.

Early acting career[]

Although Carl was already a well known actor back in his home country, his lack of knowledge about the English language held him back. Once he became a fleuant English speaker and secured himself a casting agent, J. B. Priestley offered Carl a part in his play of People at Sea. At this point, Carl was spotted by Raymond Massey who recruited him for his West End show of Idiot's Delight. After that he started to get work in feature film material, often playing official and aristocratic characters.

Dad's Army[]


Carl Jaffé as Captain Winogrodzki

Carl played the Polish officer Captain Winogrodski in both the television and radio version of The Enemy Within the Gates.

Final years and death[]

Carl Jaffé died in London on April 12th, 1974, aged 72.