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Cissy Godfrey

First appearance

The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage

Last appearance

Is There Honey Still for Tea?

Portrayed By

Nan Braunton (Series 2-3), Kathleen Saintsbury (Series 8)



Affiliated With

Charles Godfrey, Dolly Godfrey

Cissy Godfrey is Charles Godfrey's other sister and is often observed taking afternoon tea with her siblings and appeared in one episode of series 2 and 3 episodes of series 3 (1969), played by Nan Braunton. Braunton reprised the role in two episodes of the radio series, in which Cissy was Private Godfrey's only sister. The role of Cissy was later taken over by Kathleen Saintsbury in an episode of the eighth television series, and by Joan Cooper (who had previously played Dolly Godfrey in the television series) in an episode of the third radio series. Braunton played Cissy in one episode of series 2, "The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage" and three episodes of series 3, "The Day the Balloon Went Up", "War Dance" and "Branded". Saintsbury played Cissy in one episode of series 8, "Is There Honey Still for Tea?" and It seems Cissy's speciality is baking bread which she bakes in her brick oven "It is what gives it that loveley crusty taste."

When people pass Cherry Tree Cottage (which is the building she lives in with her siblings) they cannot help but say "Well that's it, that's what we're fighting for".