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Dad's Army: The Lost Episodes
The Lost Episodes

Written by

Jimmy Perry and David Croft

Directed by

Ben Kellett


(order as listed in closing credits) Kevin McNally, Robert Bathurst, Kevin Eldon, David Hayman, Mathew Horne, Timothy West, Tom Rosenthal

No. of episodes


Running time

30 minutes per episode

Original run

26 - 28 August 2019

Dad's Army: The Lost Episodes is a television series made by UKTV channel Gold.

It is made up of three recreated missing episodes from the original Dad's Army TV series, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker, A Stripe for Frazer and Under Fire.

Using the original scripts by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, those three episodes have been recreated as faithfully as possible and come to the screen for the first time since 1969. [1] Mercury Productions, the company responsible for Saluting Dad's Army, Gold's 50th anniversary tribute series, produced the episodes, which were directed by Ben Kellett.