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Dad's Army (series 1)
B&W titles
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 6
Original network BBC One
Original release 31 July 1968 - 11 September 1968
Series chronology
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The first season of British sitcom Dad's Army began on 31st July 1968 with the first ever story The Man and the Hour and ended on 11th September 1968 with Shooting Pains.


Main cast[]

Several of the main character's names were changed prior to filming; Private Jim Duck became Frazer, Joe Fish became Joe Walker and Jim Jones became Jack Jones. Jimmy Perry originally intending the role of Walker, to be his own.

Recurring cast[]


All episodes were produced and directed by David Croft and written by both Croft and Jimmy Perry.

No. Title Recorded Air date Overview
001. The Man and the Hour 15/04/68 31/07/68 After hearing of the formation of the Home Guard, Mainwaring, a bank manager, takes it upon himself to form a platoon in Walmington-on-Sea. He declares himself captain and names his chief clerk, Wilson, sergeant.
002. Museum Piece 22/04/68 07/08/68 Mainwaring, worried that the Nazis could attack at any time, attempts to requisition much needed weapons from the local Peabody Museum of Historic Army Weapons.
003. Command Decision 29/04/68 14/08/68 In exchange for weapons, Mainwaring turns over command to Captain Square, but the weapons are muskets and Square wants the platoon to fight from horseback.
004. The Enemy Within the Gates 06/05/68 28/08/68 Lance Corporal Jones and Private Walker capture two Luftwaffe airmen, earning a monetary reward; however, a Polish officer wishes to claim the reward for himself.
005. The Showing Up of Corporal Jones 13/05/68 04/09/68 Major Regan from area headquarters decides that Jones is too old to be in the Home Guard and announces that unless Jones can get through the assault course in fifteen minutes, he will be removed from the platoon.
006. Shooting Pains 20/05/68 11/09/68 The platoon is chosen to provide the guard of honour for the Prime Minister on his visit to Walmington-on-Sea, but poor performance at the shooting range causes Major Regan to have them compete with the neighboring Eastgate platoon for the honor.