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Dad's Army (series 2)
B&W titles
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 6
Original network BBC One
Original release 1 March 1969 - 5 April 1969
Series chronology
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The second series of British sitcom Dad's Army began on 1st March 1969 with the episode Operation Kilt and ended on 5th April 1969 with Under Fire.


Main cast[]

Recurring cast[]


While most episodes were produced and directed by David Croft, some episodes were directed by Harold Snoad and produced by David Croft. Also, each written by both Croft and Jimmy Perry

No. Title Recorded Air date Overview
001. Operation Kilt 13/10/1968 01/03/1969 The platoon participates in an invasion exercise with Captain Ogilvie and a Highland regiment.
002. The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage 20/10/1968 08/03/1969 The platoon mistakenly believes an invasion is in progress, and splits into two sections. One section, though, mistakes the other for the enemy.
003. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker 27/10/1968 15/03/1969 Walker is called up into the army. The platoon, anxious at how they will obtain off-the-ration supplies without him, fight to keep him.
004. Sgt. Wilson's Little Secret 04/11/1968 22/03/1969 Private Pike's mother agrees to take in a child evacuee, but Wilson misunderstands her and believes she is pregnant. Mainwaring orders Wilson to marry her.
005. A Stripe for Frazer 15/11/1968 29/03/1968 Mainwaring has the opportunity to promote someone to corporal. Rather than promote Jones, he tests who has the greatest potential by temporarily promoting Private Frazer to lance corporal. Frazer's increasingly dictatorial manner soon alienates the platoon.
006. Under Fire 27/11/1968 05/04/1969 When Frazer spots what he believes to be a German spy signalling planes, the platoon arrests a suspect who protests that he is a naturalised Englishman.


This is the final season to be recorded and produced in black and white.