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Edward Evans
Born 4th June 1914
Died 20th December 2001 (aged 87)
First appearance The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker
Last appearance Don't Fence Me In
Series 2 - 4
Episode count 3

Edward Evans (4th June 1914 – 20th December 2001) played various characters in Dad's Army.


Early life and career Edward Evans was born in Putney, London. He first worked in advertising and trained as pub cellarman.

Early acting career[]

His parents were also in the acting professional, but Edward himself only decided to become an actor when he was used as extra and stuntman for films in the 1920's. In the 1950's he becam known for playing Bob Grove in The Grove Family.

Dad's Army[]


Edward Evans as Mr. Rees in Big Guns

Edward first appeared in the third second season episode, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker as Mr. Reed (repleased by Michael Knowles as Mr. Rees). He then played Mr. Rees the Town Clerk (replaced by Julian Orchard as Mr. Upton the Town Clark) in the seventh third season episode Big Guns.


Edward Evans as General Monteverdi in Don't Fence Me In

During WWII in really life, Edward had served in Italy as a captain in the British Army, so he became a fluent Italian speaker. Whilst working on Dad's Army, Edward was able to put this skill back into practise again, when he was cast General Monteverdi in the fift fourth season episode Don't Fence Me In. In the radio version of this episode, his part was played by Cyril Shaps.

Final years and death[]

Edward Evans made his last screen appearance in 1987. He died at the age of 87 in Longsdon, Staffordshire, December 20th, 2001.