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Eric Woodburn
Born 9th March 1894
Died 1981 (aged 86)
First appearance Museum Piece (television) Museum Piece (radio)
Last appearance
Series 1 (television and radio)
Episode count 1 (television and radio)

Eric Woodburn (1894 – 1981) played George Jones in the Dad's Army franchise.


Early life and career[]

Eric Woodburn was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

Early acting career[]

For some years, Eric was part of the Windmill Theatre.

Dad's Army[]

George Jones

Eric Woodburn as George Jones

In both the television and radio version of Dad's Army's second first season episode Museum Piece, Eric played Lance Corporal Jack Jones' 88 year old father George, the caretaker of the Peabody Musueum of Historical Army Wapons.

Final years and death[]

Eric Woodburn died in London 1981, aged 86.