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George Jones
George Jones
Born 1852
Occupation Caretaker
Relatives Jack Jones (son)
Mrs Fox (daughter-in-law)
Affiliations Jack Jones, Peabody Museum of Historical Army Weapons
Series information
First seen Museum Piece
Last Seen Museum Piece
Portrayed by Eric Woodburn
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George Jones was the father of Lance-Corporal Jones, and the caretaker of the Peabody Museum of Historical Army Weapons.


George Jones was married at least three time in his life. When he was "very young", he had a son, who was named Jack Jones. There was a woman named Elsie who was significant in the lives of both George and Jack; possibly George's daughter, niece or some other relation. At some point before the Second World War, he became the caretaker of the Peabody Museum of Historical Army Weapons, and remained as its only member of staff when the museum was closed for the duration; he seemed to reside on the premises.

George sometimes visited his son Jack for tea (as mentioned in Shooting Pains). In May 1940, he was 88 years old. A few weeks after the formation of the Local Defence Volunteers on the 14th of that month, the Walmington-on-Sea platoon attempted to requisition weapons from the museum, only for Jones to rebuke their efforts. He was eventually tempted out by a bottle of whisky, and on attempting to gain access back into the museum through a back window accidentally put his foot in the lavatory.


Jones: There's a war on, Dad!
George: Oh, I wondered what the noise was.

George had a wicked and quite rude sense of humour, which included tipping a vat of oil over the platoon's head as they attempted to force entry into his museum. Despite being Lance-Corporal Jones's father, he does not seem to act like one. In his only appearance (Museum Piece), George knows his son as "Young Jack"; however, they end up arguing over a woman named Elsie's legs and calling each other old fools. Jack warned his platoon that George could "get ugly" when he was angry. He was stubborn—refusing to allow the platoon access to the museum—and had a particular weakness for whisky, as shown when Private Frazer (disguised as an ARP warden) coaxed him out of the museum with a bottle of "the good stuff". George was somewhat old-fashioned; it was mentioned by Jack that George still thought that Queen Victoria was still on the throne, as opposed to King George VI.