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"Why do you keep running away, I have been trying to give myself up!"
―German pilot[src]

The German pilot is a character who appears in the episode Man Hunt.


When ARP Warden Hodges is on patrol he sees the pilot's parachute, he tries to remove the parachute from a tree, but is stopped by a Viennese ornithologist who speaks in a strange accent.

When the Home Guard arrive Hodges tells them that because of the ornithologist's accent he is believed to be the German pilot so they chase him.

When they catch the ornithologist he explains everything and that the Home Guard were chasing the wrong person, suddenly the pilot barges into the room and explains to Captain Mainwaring and explains he had been deliberately trying to give himself up.

The pilot also appeared in the special Resisting the Aggressor Down the Ages.



  • The German pilot is only seen at the end of the episode.