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The German Pilot is a German who appears in the Episode Time On My Hands.


During a raid or reconnaissance mission the pilots plane was shot down and he bailed out of his plane but his parachute landed on top of the Walmington-on-Sea town hall clock tower causing him to get stuck

He then cried out for help and was suprised when Home Guard member Lance-Corporal Jack Jones arrived and told him to surrender (although Jones mispronounced "Hände hoch" as "Handy hup"), the Lance Corporal then told his Captian to parley with the pilot to which the pilot then replied that he did not understand what the Captian was saying

Then more and more home guard members arrived and thought of many ideas of how to get him down, One of the home guard members suggested that the pilot should swing towards the ledge, the pilot did not understand, so then the home guards began to sing a swinging jazz song, the pilot realising these idiots were his last hope began to cry

The home guards began to lift the pilot towards them, however his parachut was preventing him from reaching the ledge, Jones then voluntered to try to remove the harness by punching it (causing great pain to the pilot)

Once the Home Guard managed to rescue the pilot he then hugged Captian Manwaring who then pushed him away and then ordered him to go into the corner as he was still the enemy

It is unkown about what happened to him after the war


  • "Hilfe... Hilfe" ("Help... Help")
  • "Ich kann es nicht verstehen" ("I can't understand")
  • "Nein!" ("No!")