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Gladys Dawson
Born 1898
Died 7th March 1969 (aged 71)
First appearance Under Fire (television)
Last appearance The First Appearance
Series 2 (television)
Episode count 1 (television)

Gladys Dawson (1898 – 1969) played Mrs. Witt in one episode of Dad's Army.


Gladys Dawson was born in London, 1898. As an infant in arms, Gladys made her stage debut at the Drury Lane Theatre in London, long before she had any interest in becoming an professional actress at all which she did as soon as she left school. She most of her career acting in the theatre and during the Great War was commisioned to help entain the troops. After this, Gladys and her husband formed a double-act and toured the various London and provinces' theatres. She later formed another double-act with George Formby. She made her screen debut in the 1950's.

For Dad's Army, Gladys Dawson appeared as Mrs. Witt in the second series finale, Under Fire. This along with a brief role in Crossroads turned out to be one of her final roles. She died the following year on March the 7th.