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Harold Bennett
Born 17th November 1899
Died 15th September 1981 (aged 81)
First appearance The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones (television), Turkey Dinner (radio)
Last appearance Wake-Up Walmington (television)
Series 3 - 5 and 7 - 9 (television), 3 (radio)
Episode count 13 (television), 1 (radio)

Harold Bennett (17th November 1899 – 15th September 1981) played Mr. Blewitt in Dad's Army.


Early life and career[]

Harold Bennett was born in Hastings, East Sussex. He left school at the early age of 12 and starting a very busy working life of such variaty. He became an apprentice at a jeweller's, taught English at evening classes for the Working Men's College in London, studied and painted in Paris and also worked as a circus clown.

Early acting career[]

Harold first started acting as an amateur, but then went professional with many theatre productions, both in the West End and on tour. Whilst his three children were growing up, he took a break from professional acting and worked at an electric light company. At the same time as he was doing the latter, he continued to act on the stage with various amateur companies. When he retired from the electric company at the age of 65, Harold returned to professional acting on television.

Dad's Army[]


Harold Bennett as Mr. Blewitt in Dad's Army

Harold's Dad's Army career is best remembered for appearing in twelve episodes as Mr. Blewitt, but he first appeared in the first colour episode as an unamed volunteer casualty. He also played Mr. Blewitt in one episode of the radio series, even though the role had already been played by Timothy Bateson in two previous epiosdes.

Other acting work and later career[]

Harold Bennett is probably best remembered for playing Young Mr. Grace in David Croft's other sitcom, Are You Being Served?

Final years and death[]

Harold Bennett died of a heart attack in London on September 15th, 1981 at the age of 81.