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Jack Watson
Born 14th May 1915
Died 4th July 1999
First appearance Operation Kilt (radio)
Last appearance My British Buddy (radio)
Series 1 - 3 (radio)
Episode count 8 (radio)

Jack Watson (14th May 1915 - 4th July 1999) played various characters in the radio series of Dad's Army.


Early life and career

Jack Watson was born in Thorney, Cambridgeshire. He started his career working alongside his father Vernon (stage name, Nosmo King) who was a comedian. During WWII, he was a P.T. instructor in the Royal Navy.

Early acting career[]

After working with his father, Jack turned to working for 15 years on the variety circuit. He later went on to do straight acting in film and television.

Dad's Army[]

Jack's first role in the Dad's Army radio series was as Captain Ogilvy in Operation Kilt, replacing James Copeland. He then played Major Smith (originally played by Alan Haines) in Battle School, Major Regan (originally played by Martin Wyldeck) in The Showing Up of Corporal Jones, the brigadier (originally Anthony Sharp) and sergeant in The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Walker, Sergeant Gregory (originally Anthony Sagar) in Room at the Bottom, Captin Reed (originally Michael Knowles) in Fallen Idea and Colonel Schultz (origianlly Alan Tilvern) in My British Buddy. He also played Brigadier Bell and Charlie Cheeseful (originally played by Jimmy Perry) in the Christmas special, Present Arms.

Final years and death[]

Jack Waston died in Bath, Somerset, July 4th, 1999. He was 84 years of age.