Janet King
Janet King
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Occupation Bank Clerk
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Affiliated Swallow Bank
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First Seen The Man and the Hour
Last Seen Shooting Pains
Portrayer Caroline Dowdeswell
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Janet King (often referred to by her superiors at the bank as Miss. King) was a young, blonde resident of Walmington-on-Sea. She worked as a clerk at Swallow Bank.


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Miss. King: "As you're both busy I thought you might like your tea in here, sir."
Wilson: "Ah, thank you Miss. King! Very kind of you. Just put it over there, will you? Very thoughtful thing to do. (to Mainwaring) What a nice girl she is."
Mainwaring: "Charming."
(Command Decision)

Helpful and at times slightly cheeky, Miss. King often acted as a secretary to the bank's manager George Mainwaring, making tea, coffee and running other errands. She had a habit of carrying a pencil around with her, which she often used to take down notes for Mr. Mainwaring. She got on well with her colleague Frank Pike, with whom she often joked around. It was Miss. King who informed Mainwaring of Anthony Eden's annoucement which led to the formation of the Walmington-on-Sea platoon of local defence volunteers (later the Home Guard).

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Series co-creator and writer David Croft revealed that she was introduced at a fairly late stage in the scripting because the BBC's head of comedy Michael Mills believed that the programme needed a "soupçon of sex".
  • Though all of the episodes Miss. King appeared in were in black-and-white, she was an unmistakable blonde.
  • She only ever appeared in the programme's first series. However, she was still mentioned occasionally as an employee of the bank. For instance, Pike delivered a query regarding a customer from her to Mr. Mainwaring in A. Wilson (Manager)?.