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The following article lists the equipment the platoon has used during the show. In many epsiodes the platoon obtain a particular equipment, car, artillery weopon, etc... that is not shown again in any other epsiode, aswell as equipment that is used in every episode, Mainwaring's pistol, the platoon's rifles, etc...


Smith Gun[]

The Smith Gun was an ad hoc anti-tank artillery piece used by the British Army and Home Guard during the Second World War. With a German invasion of Great Britain seeming likely after the defeat in the Battle of France, most available weaponry was allocated to the regular British Army, leaving the Home Guard short on supplies, particularly anti-tank weaponry. The Smith Gun was designed by retired Army Major William H. Smith as a makeshift anti-tank weapon, and was put into production in 1941 following a demonstration to the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

The platoon uses a smith gun in the We Know Our Onions (Series 6, Episode 4).


Rolls Royce Staff Car[]

In The Captain's Car, Series 7, Episode 5, the platoon are lent a Rolls Royce from Lady Maltby that Captain Mainwaring intended to use as his staff car, much to the amusement of Wilson.