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Liz Frazer
Liz Fraser
Born 14 August 1930
Died 6 September 2018
First appearance Dad's Army (1971 Film)
Last appearance Dad's Army (1971 Film)
Episode count N/A

Elizabeth Joan Winch (14 August 1930 – 6 September 2018), known professionally as Liz Fraser, was an English actress who played Mrs Pike in the 1971 Dad's Army film.

The recasting of Mrs. Pike for the feature film of the series was met with much criticism, as well as disappointment from Janet Davies. Liz Fraser was chosen because director Norman Cohen wanted a less homely, more "sexy" actress for the role. Jimmy Perry later said "It was a mistake... not to cast Janet in the role because the viewing public has come to recognise her as Mrs. Pike. But that was a decision made by Columbia (the production company)."