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Major-General Fullard
Occupation Major-General
Affiliations British Army
Series information
First seen Dad's Army (Film)
Last Seen Dad's Army (Film)
Portrayed by Bernard Archard
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Major-General Fullard was an overbearing, short tempered senior British Army officer.

On the day of Anthony Eden's broadcast about the formation of the Local Defence Volunteers, Fullard (dressed in civilian clothing) went to Martins Bank and attempted to have a cheque for £10 cashed, despite not having an account or an arrangement there, and without producing any kind of supporting identification. The manager George Mainwaring refused the request, leading to Fullard storming off cursing "that damn bank clerk".

Some weeks later, Private Frazer was demonstrating his improvised anti-vehicle device to the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard when an accident involving Lance-Corporal Jones caused oil to spill across the road. Fullard's staff car was caught in the slick and screeched to a halt, resulting in an angry Fullard berating Mainwaring once again.

Fullard on horse

Fullard in his uniform

At some point after this, Mainwaring and his platoon arrived at a Home Guard training exercise headed by Fullard, who became trapped on a floating raft while mounted on his horse as a result of the platoon's exploits. He was eventually rescued by the platoon, but Lance-Corporal Jones got trapped on his horse instead.

During the later seige at the Church Hall, Fulllard angrily ordered Mainwaring and the platoon to leave things to the regular army, who only call for assistance. Meanwhile, Mainwaring and the platoon succeeded in infiltrating the Church Hall and capturing the Nazi airmen, much to Fullard's amazement.


  • Fullard only appeared in the film adaptation of Dad's Army; it is not known if he existed in the reality of the TV series.
  • Fullard was portrayed by Bernard Archard.