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Martin Wyldeck
Born 11th January 1914
Died 29th April 1988
First appearance The Showing Up of Corporal Jones (television)
Last appearance Shooting Pains (television)
Series 1 (television)
Episode count 2 (television)

Martin Wyldeck (1914-1988) played the Major Regan in the television series of Dad's Army.


Early life and career

Martin Wyldeck was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire. His father was a Reuters correspondent and the family moved to Innsbruck in Austria shortly after his birth. At the age of 11, Martin went to finish his education back in the UK upon the death of the father. When he left school, he first started training as an electrician, but he soon later decided that he wanted to actor on the stage.

Early acting career[]

Before serving with the army in Burma for four years during WWII, Martin joined the Colchester Rep. He was soon offered television work and got his own series with Eleanor Summerfield. He also appeared in various British feature films.

Dad's Army[]


Martin Wyldeck as Major Regan

Martin Wyldeck played Major Regan in the last two episodes in Dad's Army's first season. In the radio series, his part was taken over by Jack Waston.

Final years and death[]

In 1988, Martin Wyldeck had just been given a part in other film, when he died at the age of 74 in Exeter, Devon.