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Mr. Claude Gordon
Town clerk
Occupation Town Clerk (1941-1945 and possibly afterwards)
Affiliations Walmington-On-Sea
Series information
First seen Time on My Hands
Last Seen Knights of Madness
Portrayed by Eric Longworth
List of Characters

"As town clerk, I demand that someone stops him!- Claude Gordon, Man of Action

Mr. Claude Gordon was Walmington-on-Sea's town clerk from some point during or after 1941 until the conclusion of the Second World War (and possibly for some time afterwards).


Mr. Gordon was a fussy town clerk who took over during the war years from Mr. Rees and attempted to bring some life into the town, arranging visits from Russian dignitaries, bazaars, a Spitfire Fund and themed events. Despite his vagueness, he managed to chair meetings, and control proceedings in the light of interruptions from those present. He was not liked by Jack Jones, for the simple fact that he was 'stepping out' with Mrs. Fox for some time, despite being a 'bald headed old duffer' (as described by Arthur Wilson). He had a weakness for fleshings and often commented that everything is "very nice, very nice indeed". He is very posh but is loyal to the mayor. He is also extremely pompous and shows an incredible sense of self-importance and impatience towards other members of his committee. He is chairman of the local committee in one episode (Getting the Bird), Mainwaring takes over for a meeting with a soviet man. Soon after though Mr. Gordon Is chairman again.