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Nan Braunton
Born 4th April 1895
Died 27th March 1978 (aged 83)
First appearance The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage (television), The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage (radio)
Last appearance Branded (television), Branded (radio)
Series 2 and 3 (television), 1 and 2 (radio)
Episode count 4 (television), 2 (radio)

Nan Braunton played Cissy Godfrey in the second and third television series and the first and second radio series of Dad's Army.


Early life and career[]

Braunton was born in Cardiff. It is claimed that in her youth, Minnie Bevans (stage name: Nan Braunton) was a nanny to Jack, Barry and Roger Livesey, three brothers who later went on to become actors.

Early acting career[]

Remaining a family friend to the Livesey brothers, Minnie decided to take up acting herself, changing her name to Nan Braunton after the title that Jack, Barry and Roger gave her when they were children. She made her debut in the 1953 film Will Any Gentleman...? and after that, she appeared in various stage, film, radio and television productions, including The Grove FamilyYorky and Dixon of Dock Green.

Dad's Army[]


Nan Braunton as Cissy Godfrey in The Day the Balloon Went Up

Nan played Private Godfrey's sister Cissy in the second season episode The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage and the third season episodes, The Day the Balloon Went Up, War Dance and Branded. She also played her in the radio versions of The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage and Branded. In the eighth season episode Is There Honey Still for Tea?, Nan's part was given to Kathleen Sainsbury and then by Arthur Lowe's wife Joan Cooper in the radio version.

Final years and death[]

Nan Braunton died in 1978 at her home in Hillingdon, London.