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Prince 439 is the codename of a Bloodhound who is trained at the Dog training school 


Prince 439 is shown to be a troublemaker towards the other dogs at the training school, often shown bullying the other dogs by barking at them and biting.

During the Home Guard's stay at the schoolCaptian Cadbury shows them the dogs he was training regarding prince as a troublemaker among the other dogs.

While the platoon were walking back Prince had made a hole in the cage and the other dogs sniffing the scent of the german Unifrom Pike was wearing began to follow the scent after the home guards.

The chase continued until the platoon came to a large tree while Mainwaring and the others stayed inside a small shed, the platoon later diverted the dogs by making Pike strip and throw away the uniform which the dogs tore to shreds, with Walker Joking "Good thing Pike wasn't in it."