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Private Cheeseman
5200 gall 010

First Apperance

My British Buddy

Last appearance

Turkey Dinner

Portrayed By

Talfryn Thomas



Affiliated With

Home Guard & WC

Private Cheeseman was a photo-journalist for the Eastbourne Gazette. He later became a Private & War Correspondent (WC) of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard Platoon.


Employed as a photo-journalist by the Eastbourne Gazette we first see Cheeseman report on the effects of the Americans arriving to help with the war effort.

There is some history between him and Sgt. Wilson, as evidenced by his first reaction to meeting him in the episode My British Buddy. Could he have been the journalist who exposed Wilson's innocent involvement with the share-pusher?

Cheeseman later becomes enrolled in the platoon as a WC (War Correspondent) to gain an inside knowledge of the Home Guard and at the same time continues to write his column Whispers from Walmington informing the good people of Eastbourne of the latest gossip from along the coast.