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Private Desmond
Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard
Series information
First seen The Man and the Hour
Last Seen ?
Portrayed by Desmond Cullum-Jones
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Desmond was a resident of Walmington-on-Sea, and later became a private in the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard. He was a member of Sponge's section of the platoon, and was often seen in the background.


In The Man and the Hour, upon hearing word of Anthony Eden's announcement of the formation of the Local Defence Volunteers, Desmond went to St. Aldhelm's Church hall and signed up to his local platoon, commanded by Captain Mainwaring.

In Room at the Bottom, he shakes hands with Mainwaring and congratulates him after Mainwaring is given his commission.

In Sons of the Sea, he is picked as one of the men to crew the platoon's first river patrol. They end up believing that they are lost in the English Channel, then have landed in occupied France—only to find that they had only drifted out to sea a short way, then down the coast a few miles.

In A. Wilson (Manager)?, Desmond is (along with the rest of the platoon, aside from Private Pike) accidentally led to believe that he has been promoted to sergeant for a short time, after Pike mis-interpreted Mainwaring's orders. Desmond's reaction, along with that of many of Sponge's section, is that there must have been some sort of mistake.