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Queenie Watts
Born 21st July 1926
Died 25th January 1980 (aged 53)
First appearance Under Fire
Last appearance The Two and a Half Feathers
Series 2 - 4
Episode count 3

Queenie Watts (21st July 1926 – 25th January 1980) played various characters in Dad's Army.


Early life and career[]

Queenie Watts was born in London, 1926.

Early acting career[]

Queenie spent most of her career as a comedy actress on television, but she also had time to appear in various films as well.

Dad's Army[]

Queenie first appeared in the second season finale as Mrs. Keen, which was taken over by Avril Angers in the radio version. Next she appeared as Mrs. Peters in the first third season episode, The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones. This part was later replaced by Elizabeth Morgan as Mrs. Leonard in the radio version. Then Queenie appeared in the eighth fourth season episode, The Two and a Half Feathers as Edna, another part which was played by Avril Angers in the radio version.

Character Gallery[]

Final years and death[]

Queenie Watts died of cancer in London on January 25th, 1980. She was 53.