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Robert Raglan
Born 1906
Died 1985 (aged 79)
First appearance Don't Forget the Diver (television), Brain Versus Brawn (radio)
Last appearance Never Too Old (television)
Series 4 - 9 (television), 2 (radio)
Episode count 17 (television), 1 (radio)

Robert Raglan (1906 – 1985) played various characters in the Dad's Army franchise.


Early life and career[]

Robert Raglan was born in Reigate, Surrey. After leaving school, he joined a water company office. During WWWII, Robert served in the REME and then toured overseas with ENSA.

Early acting career[]

Inspired by his brother James, Robert left his job at the water company to go to drama school. He later worked for various reps until WWII broke out. When he got demobbed, he started acting for film and television. He was often cast as policeman and military officials.

Dad's Army[]


Robert Raglan as the Eastgate HG Sergeant

Robert first appeared in Dad's Army as Captain Square's sergeant in the fourth season episode Don't Forget the Diver. Later on in this season, he appeared in two episodes as Captain Pritchard. Next he appeared in the Dad's Army Movie as Police Inspector Hardcastle.


Robert Raglan as the Colonel

From Battle of the Giants up to the end of Season 9, Robert played Colonel Pritchard who would often come to Walmington from GHQ to inspect the Home Guard troops. He also played Colonel Pritchard in one of the radio episodes.

Other acting work and later career[]

He has also appeared in David Croft's other sitcom Are You Being Served?

Final years and death[]

After suffering two heart attacks during a West End production, Robert retired from stage work and concentrated maining on television. He died in 1985.