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Rose Winters
Born Unknown
Occupation Berlin spy, working undercover as a journalist
Relatives None known
Affiliations German High Command
Series information
First seen Dad's Army (2016 Film)
Last Seen Dad's Army (2016 Film)
Portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones
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Rose Winters was a Berlin spy (code-name Cobra) posing as a journalist, and was the main antagonist in the 2016 Dad's Army film. She was portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones. She was first seen visiting Walmington-on-Sea.


Rose Winters was from public school and was tutored by Wilson, who developed a crush on her but decided against it as he was older than her.

Dad's Army (2016)[]

Rose Winters claimed to have been from the Lady magazine and had come to make a story about the Home Guard, in effect boasting the morale of the platoon. However, in reality she was a Berlin spy sent by the German High Command to find out whether the Allies were going to invade Normandy or the Pas-de-Calais.

During her time with the platoon, Rose used her age and womanly charms on the platoon to get the information she wants, as well as trying to get in their patrol near the Dover base where she got undeniable proof when a force of tanks stationed there turns out to be balloons due to a high wind blowing them all away. However, things go wrong for her with Frank Pike falling for her, causing Vera Shilton to accidentally discover her radio set. When Rose held Vera at gunpoint, Vera destroyed the radio set, forcing Rose to make drastic changes to her plan.

Rose realised the Allies would be on to her as they have sealed off the town, preventing her escape, and signalled for a U-boat to rescue her. Rose placed all her radio equipment in Wilson's home so he would be implicated as the spy and tricked Mainwaring into believing her, giving her time to meet up with the U-boat.

While Rose was waiting at the beach for the sub, Mainwaring arrived, having arrested Wilson, to inform her of what happened, only to be held at gunpoint by both Rose and the arrived Wehrmacht troopers. Mainwaring also saw Vera tied up to one of the anti-tank defenses at the beach to drown when the tide came in. Rose's plans were foiled by the combined efforts of the Home Guard and the  Auxiliary Territorial Service.

Seeing that the battle was lost and the boat to the submarine destroyed, Rose desperately swam for the U-boat, with Mainwaring after her. Rose was subdued and arrested by MI5, foiling her plan and the Germans having no evidence of the Allied deception.