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The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage
Series 2, Episode 2
The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage
Air Date 8 March 1969
Written by Jimmy Perry & David Croft
Director David Croft
Producer David Croft
Length 30 minutes
Original Audience Figures 11.3 Million
Previous episode Operation Kilt
Next episode The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker
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The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage is the second episode of the second series of Dad's Army, which was originally transmitted on Saturday 8th March 1969.


After the church bells ring to signal an invasion from the Germans, Mainwaring, Wilson, Jones, Frazer, Pike and Walker all go to Godfrey's Cottage and start fighting the "Germans."


While most of the platoon are on their way to the cinema to see a training film, the church bells ring, and Mainwaring, Jones and Frazer take up a defensive position at Godfrey's cottage. Wilson, Pike, Walker and Sponge can not find the others, and, leaving Sponge behind at the Novelty Rock Emporium command post and head to the Godfreys' cottage. There they see Jones, wearing Godfrey's old German helmet, and fire at him. Meanwhile, Godfrey's sisters shake a tablecloth out of the window, which is interpreted by Wilson as a surrender. In the end, Sponge and the rest of the platoon who mistakes them as Germans; starts firing on Mainwaring and Wilson, Mainwaring quickly orders Wilson to wave something white.



Missing In Action Stap Found
  • This episode was missing from the BBC's television archives for many years and was thought to be lost forever. However in June 2001 this episode and Operation Kilt were returned to the BBC after almost 25 years. The containers that the episodes were held in were in a poor condition and the films' quality had deteriorated. Following laborious work by a restoration team, it was restored and re-transmitted.
  • However, despite the excellent restoration work undertaken, a short part of the film towards the end of the episode (during the scene where the warden bursts into Godfrey's cottage) had deteriorated beyond recovery, so is still 'missing'.
  • On the 24th April 2024 Film is Fabulous while cataloging Tim Beddows collection, found a higher quality film copy with the missing scene.
  • This episode was originally titled The Battle of Mon Repos.