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The Desperate Drive of Lance Corporal Jones
Series 5, Episode 5
Air Date 3rd November 1972
Written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Director David Croft
Producer David Croft
Length 30 minutes
Original Audience Figures Unknown
Previous episode Getting the Bird
Next episode If the Cap Fits...
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The Desperate Drive of Lance Corporal Jones is the fifth episode of the fifth series of the British comedy series Dad's Army that was originally transmitted on 3 November 1972.


The platoon, during the course of a weekend exercise, occupies a deserted barn which turns out to be the target for some 25-pounder artillery guns. Back at HQ, Jones and Godfrey try phoning to stop the firing, but Godfrey had cut the telephone wire by mistake. There is only one solution: Jones will have to reach the barn with the 2 cars (his van broke down), and Godfrey does not know how to drive, before it is blown to bits.


The reference for the barn is 937 641, 641 937 is written down by Jones and Godfrey in error.