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The Face on the Poster
Series 8, Episode 6
Air Date October 10th 1975
Written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Director David Croft
Producer David Croft
Length 30 minutes
Original Audience Figures Unknown
Previous episode High Finance
Next episode My Brother and I
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The Face on the Poster is the sixth episode of the eighth series of Dad's Army. It was originally broadcast on October 10th 1975.


The platoon start a recruiting campaign, and Jones is chosen as the face for the poster. Unfortunately, due to a mix-up at the printers, his face gets planted on an escaped prisoner of war poster.


Wilson enters Mainwaring's office to find him writing a Confidential Report about him. Mainwaring shows it to him so he can sign it and make sure he is playing fair. Wilson scoffs at his attempts, comparing it to a headmaster's end-of-term report. Mainwaring is not quite so blasé, and hints that the Confidential Report could lead to big changes. He hints that he may be promoted to Major very soon, and admits he wants to start a recruiting campaign to triple the platoon and turn it into a company.

He convenes a parade and tells them of his plan. Jones suggests a poster similar to that of Lord Kitchener's recruitment poster, and Mainwaring is delighted with the suggestion. Jones then suggests a secret ballot to decide the face for the poster, and Frazer decides to bring in a professional photographer.

Jones wins the ballot by a large margin and the photographer turns out to be Mr. Blewett. After four unsuccessful attempts, the photo is taken, and Wilson takes it around to the printers.

At the printers, a police officer has asked for a 'wanted' poster of an escaped prisoner of war to be printed. The photo is placed on the out-tray then gets Jones' photo on top.

Two days later, Godfrey brings in a sample of the poster, and the platoon discover that the disorganised printer mixed the photographs up. Some one else is on their poster—Jones now appears to be a wanted man.

Jones notices the poster outside a Free Polish Club. A Polish Army major comes out, comments on the poster, "Ugly-looking swine," and then sees Jones is the man on the poster. Jones is arrested and interrogated; despite his protests, the major persists in believing Jones is the escaper, and puts him in the local POW camp.

Hodges drives Mainwaring and the rest of the platoon to the POW camp, where they too are arrested by the same major. Mainwaring puts his foot in it by declaring Jones is his colleague, and they are all placed in the POW camp with Jones. Wilson comments that the Colonel won't be very impressed with what's happened, and wonders what he'll write in Mainwaring's Confidential Report.