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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker
Series 2, Episode 3
Air Date 15th March 1969 (original)
25th August 2019 (remake)
Written by Jimmy Perry & David Croft
Director David Croft (original)
Ben Kellett (remake)
Producer David Croft (original)
Ben Kellett and Candida Julian-Jones (remake)
Length 30 minutes
Original Audience Figures 11.3 Million
Previous episode The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage
Next episode Sgt. Wilson's Little Secret
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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker is the third episode of the second series of Dad's Army, which was originally transmitted on Saturday 15th March 1969. It is currently one of three episodes absent from the BBC's archives.



2019 Remake

To his complete surprise, Walker receives his call-up papers. Mainwaring tries his best to get his superiors to reconsider.


When Walker is called up, he applies to the Military Service Hardship Committee, who reject him on the grounds that he does not keep books for his business. After Jones's attempts to sabotage Walker's medical test fail, Walker has no choice but to accept his conscription. However, Walker is swiftly invalided out of the Army after he is discovered to be allergic to corned beef, the staple diet of the troops.


Main cast[]

Supporting cast[]

Remake cast[]

Main cast[]

  • Kevin McNally as Captain Mainwaring
  • Robert Bathurst as Sergeant Wilson
  • Kevin Eldon as Lance Corporal Jones
  • David Hayman as Private Frazer
  • Mathew Horne as Private Walker
  • Timothy West as Private Godfrey
  • Tom Rosenthal as Private Pike

Supporting cast[]

  • Christopher Villiers as Brigadier (War Office)
  • Sam Phillips as Captain Cutts
  • Julia Deakin as the Chairwoman
  • Andrew Havill as the Brigadier
  • Jerry-Jane Pears as Judy
  • Gareth Benjamin as Mr Rees
  • Lee Barnett as the soldier


  • This episode is currently missing from the BBC's television archives after they wiped the master transmission tapes for reuse. This is one of three Dad's Army episodes that are still missing from the archives; the other two are A Stripe for Frazer (which currently exists only on audio) and Under Fire. The radio version still exists.
  • This episode, along with the other two missing from Series 2, was remade by UKTV GOLD with a new cast, and was broadcast in August 2019.