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The Showing Up of Corporal Jones
Series 1, Episode 5
The Showing Up of Corporal Jones.jpg
Air Date 4 September 1968
Written by Jimmy Perry & David Croft
Director David Croft
Producer David Croft
Length 30 minutes
Original Audience Figures 8.8 Million
Previous episode The Enemy Within the Gates
Next episode Shooting Pains
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The Showing Up of Corporal Jones is the fifth episode of the first series of Dad's Army, which was originally transmitted on Wednesday 4 September 1968.


When Major Regan from GHQ inspects the platoon, he decides that Jones must resign, on account of being too old; however, he also says that if Jones completes an assault course in 15 minutes, he can stay. The platoon organise an elaborate plan to keep Jones amongst them.


The platoon's uniforms finally arrive, just in time for them to be ready for an inspection by Major Regan, from GHQ, who immediately gets a bad impression of the platoon (disapproving of the amount of trading of goods that seems to go on). The platoon recover, however, and impress Regan, with the exception of Corporal Jones, whom Regan believes is too old to be in the Home Guard. He demands that Jones leave the platoon, unless he can complete an assault course in fifteen minutes.

The platoon take Jones to the assault course to practice, but he gets stuck at the first obstacle and spends hours there. It is obvious that he will not be able to complete the course in the right amount of time the next day, but Walker has a solution; other members of the platoon impersonate Jones on different legs of the course and he finishes it on time. Regan becomes suspicious, and enters the course himself, but disappears under a blanket (Jones himself did the same thing during his practice; it seems that there is a pit of some sort underneath it).


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