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TARDIS2010 TARDIS2010 25 August 2011

DAM: Series 1

Rating: 8/10

Fav Episode: The Man and the Hour

Least Fav Episode: Shooting Pains

Comment: I actually really enjoyed series 1, i think it was a great start to Dad's Army and i enjoyed all the episodes apart from Shooting Pains.

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TARDIS2010 TARDIS2010 23 August 2011

Dad's Army Marathon

I've started a Dad's Army Marathon, as i have just recieved the complete DVD box set. I will post my reviews of each of the series as i finish them in the coming weeks/months.

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TARDIS2010 TARDIS2010 1 September 2010

General Dad's Army Chat

Hi.. this is just a page if you want to talk to me:)

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