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After seeing a Czech Regiment with a large ram for a mascot Captain Mainwaring decides that the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard should get their own mascot, after a number of suggestions the platoon settles on one of Private Sponge's Rams, however they fail to catch it, along with Private Pike getting temporarily stuck in a bog. 

Private Joe Walker then turns up with a small skinny goat which is the exact opposite of what Mainwaring wanted, Walker then tries to make the goat look tougher with the horns mounted in The Vicar's office, however the horns are disproportionate to the goats size and do not stay on the goat well. 

When Mainwaring arrives he is horrified and asks for his money back, but when he tells Walker off for wasting his time the goat eats the fiver out out of his hand.