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Throughout the span of Dad's Army on TV, in the film, on stage and on radio, there have been many different members of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard platoon who have been referred to at one point or another. The men of the platoon always wear cap badges of the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment as part of their uniform. The platoon's two sections are commanded by Lance-Corporal Jones and Private Sponge respectively, with the series' main characters all being in Jones' section.

The Platoon[]

Main Characters[]

Rank Name TV Film Stage Radio
Captain George Mainwaring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sergeant Arthur Wilson Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lance-Corporal Jack Jones Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private Joe Walker Yes Yes Yes* Yes
Private Frank Pike Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private James Frazer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private Charles Godfrey Yes Yes Yes Yes

* = Series 1 to 6 only

Minor Characters[]

During the TV series, radio series, stage show and film of Dad's Army the names of a lot of members of the platoon were mentioned at one point or another, and this list documents those mentioned and/or seen in the TV series and film. The stage show and radio series names are not yet on the list, and please note that this list only details the first mention of the character's name, not their first appearance.

Rank Name First mention
Private Bracewell The Man and the Hour
Private Bailey Museum Piece
Private Locke The Showing Up of Corporal Jones
Private Wiper The Showing Up of Corporal Jones
Private Sponge The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage
Private Dowding War Dance
Private Eccles War Dance
Private Forkus War Dance
Private Desmond Sons of the Sea
Private Angnew Absent Friends
Private Hardcastle Absent Friends
Private Hope Absent Friends
Private Macey Absent Friends
Private Clarke The Two and a Half Feathers
Private Hastings A. Wilson (Manager)?
Private Taylor Uninvited Guests
Private Hancock The Deadly Attachment
Private Farthing The Recruit
Private Yeatman The Recruit
Private Cheeseman Man of Action
Private Woods The Godiva Affair
Private Meadows The Godiva Affair
Private Day The Godiva Affair
Private Elgood When You've Got to Go
Private Wilkinson The Film
Private Leslie The Film